10 Staple articles of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

  1. A plain and simple white t-shirt. This article of clothing is classic and can be worn with anything
  2. A black and white striped shirt. Audrey Hepburn loved wearing stripes because they add a classy touch to your wardrobe and are also really simple.
  3. Jeans. The best colors to own are blue, black, white and red.
  4. A denim jacket. adding this to your outfits will make you look chic and stylish.
  5. An army green jacket. This will transform your outfit from casual to fashionable and free.
  6. A simple black dress. This will make looking for an outfit for a night out a lot easier. Adding some pearls and wearing black kitten heels will make you look elegant.
  7. black flats, kitten heels or boots. These can be worn with any outfit of your choice.
  8. collared shirts of your choice. whether it is a floral top or simple white collar shirt it will beautify your wardrobe.
  9. classic sweater. if you live in the north, the winters get pretty cold, having a sweater will keep you warm throughout the harsh, icy days.
  10. A set of pearl earrings and necklace to accessorize any outfit.
  11. Outfit ideas. 
  12. Striped shirt, blue jeans, green jacket and boots.
  13. sweater, pearls, black jeans and boots.
  14. red jeans, white shirt, denim jacket and boots.
  15. collared shirt, black jeans and flats.
  16. Black dress, pearls and kitten heels.
  17. white tee, denim jacket, blue jeans and boots for the denim on denim look.
  18. striped shirt, denim jacket, red jeans and flats.

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