5 Color Combinations That Will Spice Up Your Wardrobe

  1. Navy blue and coral give off almost royal vibes. The bright coral works in harmony with the subtle blue. An outfit you can combine these colors is a coral sweater or t-shirt over a navy blue midi dress. Silver or gold jewelry pair nicely with this color combination.
  2. Seafoam green and black. Again, pairing a bright color with a neutral always works well. A stylish outfit you can make with these colors is a black slip dress with a seafoam green t-shirt or turtleneck underneath.
  3. Violet and yellow. These colors are striking when put together and make a statement. One outfit could be violet jeans and a yellow off shoulder top.
  4. Maroon and pale purple. This combination is one of my favorites of all time because there is so much that can be done with it. Maroon jeans with a pale purple long-sleeve shirt is a comfortable and timeless outfit.
  5. Black, white, and red. Some may think this combination looks like a deck of cards, but when put together right, it makes a show-stopping outfit. black and white patterned pants with a red turtleneck would look so cute walking down the street in Chagrin Falls.

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