Fashion Eras: Explained

1920’s to 1940’s: Men wore suits with big blazers during this time period. Turtlenecks with big coats were also seen frequently. Women wore button up shirt dresses and fitted blazers.

1950’s to 1960’s: Audrey Hepburn made a huge impact during this time. Her elegant tea dresses and classic style was charming to many people. Men wore cardigan sweaters and vests on casual days, however, most of the time they wore suits.

1970’s to 1980’s: This time period for style was downright confusing. From bright colors and patterns, to BIG hair and cakey makeup, it was a time people will never forget. One person that helped this time period’s reputation was Princess Diana. In the 80’s, Diana was all anyone could talk about. She had everyone swooning over her fabulous gowns, and who could blame them! She really was the people’s princess.

1990’s: Rachel Green was the style icon of the 90’s. Everyone wanted her layered hair and cute everyday outfits. This time has many trends that came back in 2018 and 2019. Hair clips, mom jeans, and graphic tee’s are all coming back in millennial and Gen z outfits.

early 2000’s: I cringe at the sight of anyone’s style from the early 2000’s, from low- waist jeans and frosted lip gloss. Any red carpet picture of Ashley Tisdale from 2006 to 2010 should be removed from the internet. Also another fashion mishap: SKIRTS OVER JEANS! Jade west said skirts over jeans among many other things were   Something that she hated.

2010’s: People have been copying outfits from celebrities such as Ariana Grande and the youtuber Emma Chamberlain.

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