5 Places That Have Beautiful Murals And Street Art.

Let me just start off by saying I have always wanted to graffiti something in Cleveland. I just want to leave my mark somewhere in the world. I always stop and admire murals whenever I get the chance and I want others to do the same.

  1. Amsterdam has incredible street art that deserves more appreciation. Colored brick roads are an inspiration for creativity and give off an energetic vibe. One famous mural, in particular, is the Anne Frank mural. It is a black and white picture of Anne Frank with bright rainbow colors that look like pixels covering it. This beautiful place is definitely a must-see destination to fuel the need for inspiration.
  2. Portugal has the most impressive graffiti artists I have ever seen. The murals are so meticulous and detailed, it is mind boggling that a person is talented enough to do that.  The umbrella street has a canopy of rainbow umbrellas over a street. This idea is so cool and it would be fabulous to see it from a bird’s eye view.
  3. Mexico city. Murals in Mexico City have poetry and political messages painted onto building in every crevice and crease. Cultural pictures and scenes make up most of the murals found here.
  4.  Melbourne Australia. This city is known for its colorful laneways full of graffiti left by inspiring souls. Every piece of blank space is quickly filled up with a scene that is pleasing to the eye. Graffiti artists really don’t get enough credit.
  5.  New York City. This urban jungle is the farthest thing from boring. Graffiti artists are always prowling around on the hunt for the perfect place to make their mark. It is truly humbling going to New York and seeing those creative murals.